Ellen van Os

When a woman enters a room and people say: “what a beautiful dress she is wearing”, then she is not dressed well. If they say: “what a beautiful woman”, then she is dressed to perfection.  - Elsa Schiaparelli


It is an art to dress well


Your clothes need to fit well, compliment your personality and figure.
The right outfit gives you self-confidence and reflects the person you are.



Image building

During an image building consultation, Ellen will help you find your authentic style.
The sessions focus on three aspects of dressing: appearance, identity and professionalism.



This is about how you present yourself and how you want to be seen. This relates to your age, your role and who you desire to be.


Who you are has everything to do with your background, your beliefs and your roots.

As your life story develops, so too can the way you dress yourself.


You know what you are good at and what you are capable of.

How you present yourself is an ongoing process. It is influenced by your job, the field you work in and your professional ambitions.



It is hard to look at yourself objectively


Ellen van Os will guide you in the process and will give you the right advice.

She will help you understand the clothes that work well for you, and - with kindness and humour - will show you the clothes that don’t (even if it means putting the finger on the sore spot).

Respect and integrity are essential to Ellen’s work.


Technical Background


The right clothes suit you, but more importantly, they fit you well.

Ellen van Os has many years of experience in tailer-made clothing.

As a fashion artist she is an experienced working with various styles and knows what is needed in all technical aspects of tailoring.


What can Ellen do for you?



  • Colour consultations

  • Style advice

  • Compiling your wardrobe

  • Shopping service

  • Building a new image

  • Building a positive self image


  • Leadership and management

  • Powerful presentation

  • Clothes as a communication tool

  • Body language

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