If a woman enters a room and the people are saying: “what a beautiful dress she is wearing”, she is not well dressed. If they are saying: “what a beautifull woman” she is dressed to perfection.



It is an art to dress well. Your clothes need to fit well, compliment your personality and figure.

The right outfit gives you self confidence and hounours who you are.


Image building.

To build your image you have to be aware of your

appearance,  identity and professionality.

The clothes you wear should represent these three.

Appearance: How do you present yourself and how do you want to be seen.

This allso has a lot to do with your age, your role in life and in your work and certainly with your wishes.


Identatity: Who you are has everything to do with your background, your believes and your roots.


Professionality: You know what you are good at and what your potency is.

It depends on your job, the area you work in and the goals you have.


How you present yourself is an ongoing process.

During life you change and your clothes should change with you.

But how to choose, how to know what is right for you.



Ellen van Os is an image builder

To find the right image for you is what she is aiming for. This is always established in collaboration with you.


I spy with my litte eye. It is impossible to look at yourself objectively.

Ellen will guide you in the process and will give you the right advise.

As both an image consultant as well as a fashion artist she has exactly the right experience and techniques to know why things go wrong and how to make them right.


She will point out what works and what does’nt work for you.

Even if it means puting the finger on the sore spot.
But always with kindness and humour.

Respect and integrity are high values.




Technical aspects:


The right clothes suit you well, but also extremely  important, they fit you well.

Ellen van Os has many years of experience in tailer-made clothing.

As a fashion artist she is used to work with various styles and knows what is needed in all technical aspects of tailoring.



What Ellen can do for you.


Individualy: Colour, Style, compiling wardrobe. Shopping service, building a new image. Building a positive self image.


Groups:   Leadership and management, powerful presentation, clothes as a communication tool, body-language.



If you are curious or have any questions, feel free to send an email or give Ellen a call.